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Dmitry is a highly accomplished professional photographer with a deep-seated passion for capturing the perfect shot. His love for photography was first ignited in his teenage years, when he discovered his father's Soviet-made Zenit camera. Experimenting with the manual exposure system of the film camera allowed Dmitry to develop a comprehensive understanding of the art and science of light, which became the foundation of his career.

In 2004, Dmitry began working as a freelance photographer while studying computer engineering at a university in Moscow. After graduation in 2006, he achieved a significant milestone in his career by securing a cover feature in Russia's Digital Photo Magazine, featuring a photograph of a total solar eclipse that occurred in his home city. This achievement served as a catalyst for Dmitry's decision to pursue a career in professional photography. Later that year, he relocated to Dubai to capture the fast-growing city's life. After 12 years in the Middle East, Dmitry moved to California to continue his personal and professional growth.

Throughout his career, Dmitry has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his craft. He has worked on various commercial and personal projects, allowing him to hone his artistic vision and continuously develop his skills. Additionally, Dmitry has had the opportunity to explore various cultures through travel, visiting over 30 countries, which has enriched his perspective and influenced the way he approaches his professional and personal lives. In addition to capturing a location or a moment in time, his work also serves as an outlet for his feelings and personal experiences.

Dmitry focuses on producing photos that are both aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking, with a great eye for composition. He seeks beauty in simplicity, elegance, and minimalism, drawing inspiration from the shapes, patterns, and colors he sees in both artificial and natural aspects of the world.

When we look at a photograph, it's like the opening scene of an emotional journey that our imaginations take us on. Each of Dmitry's photographs is connected to a life-changing period of his life and is deeply connected to his growth as an artist and an individual.

Dmitry hopes that his images will inspire others to embark on their own journeys as he shares his vision with art enthusiasts and aesthetic admirers of today.


The Collective Realty, West Hollywood, 10.17.2022 - 01.31.2023


The Other Art Fair Los Angeles, March 31 - April 3, 2022


Project Angel Food: Silent Benefit Auction 2022

MILK Studios, Hollywood, 12.09.2022


PHOTO21 Auction benefiting Project Angel Food and Stories AIDS Monument, MILK Studios, Hollywood, 12.09.2021


MORE, The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE, 2009


MORE, Al Murooj Rotana, Dubai, UAE, 2008


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